Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring
Brief Profile

Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring is The World Homeland Security/SmarTechno (WHS) Group Of Companies Global Chairman/Group President and Internationally Acclaimed Anti-Terrorism/Anti-Corruption and Global Assets Protection Expert.

Jo.S.Birring has 28 years of experience spanning the globe in these fields with the additional wealth of experience that his trusted commanders and unit leaders bring on-board The World Homeland Security (WHS) Group Of Companies. Jo started his foray into the legal world by working at Freeses & Co, a law firm in the City of London as he co-ordinated legal asset identification team/conducted the legal cases in relation to asset verification, collections and European Commission regulations so that UK Businesses/Individuals were protected by the EU laws. Jo than proceeded onward into the UK banking World leading the Asset investigation and collections team for British Linan Finance a Subsidiary of the Bank Of Scotland while he continued expanding his business security and anti-terrorism monitoring operations overseas with his Millennium Associated Networks (M.A.N)/Global Man Solves teams.

He has around three decades of experience of Global Asset location, retrieval, protection and High Risk Security actionable knowledge and has instructed/led the WHS Group Meta-Tactics focused C4 I Unit teams to achieve results in the strictest of confidence for the WHS Group clients that consist of International

Corporations, Lawfirms, Accountancy Firms, Government Bodies and Private Individuals.

He is a Former Kroll Associates Global Intelligence and Investigations Specialist as well as a former Pinkerton Securitas Inc Middle East and India Business development manager. Prior to the above Jo.S.Birring was a Senior Legal Credit Control and Collections Office Manager for British Linen Finance Bank Ltd in Kent,UK where he managed/instructed a team of 10 Professionals achieving weekly targets set by the Bank Of Scotland. He started his Career in the Investigations Field as a EEC Business Claims process lawyer/ and evidence Investigator for a Law firm in the City of London, UK. Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring was also in 2004 contracted to provide extra security cover for His Royal Highness Prince Charles after full UK Government security authorizations at the Asian Business Awards in the times of high terror alerts in the UK which he successfully and professionally conducted with his elite UK surveillance/monitoring team.

Now Based in Zurich, Switzerland/London, UK and Toronto, Canada Jo.S.Birring

activates/commands his trusted business and security elite force units across the World as the clients are served in the strictest of confidence. In March 2016 The Subsidiary Company, The World Homeland SmarTechno Group was formed and is headquartered in Tehran, Iran so that the Middle East/BRICS/Canada trade/manufacturing/training solutions can be safely delivered much more cost effectively.

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