Let’s take a look at the retired NBA players.

Today’s sports news gives you a look at the current state of life for retired NBA players. If the NBA is a pyramid, Mr. Billion is standing on the top of the tower, they represent the nba’s top prosperity, and this is a minority after all. For the 2018-19 season, for example, the average NBA player is $6.17 million, with a total of 588 players included in the payroll count (including two-way contracts, ten-day breaks and deferred payments), of which 402 are not paid to an average level, or 68 percent of the total. The 321 did not even reach half of the average salary, and the top 100 players, who accounted for 57 per cent of total players’ salaries, or nearly 60 per cent of their salaries, were concentrated in the hands of less than 20 per cent of the players. The NBA is a very realistic and brutal basketball league, strong players can get big contracts, have a top-ranked team status, and ordinary players can get middle-class contracts are good, base salary and other contracts are common in the league, last season there are 134 players waged less than $1 million. A million dollars a year is pretty high for the average person, but it’s pre-tax, and it’s good to get half of the money out of taxes and brokerage commissions.

Let's take a look at the retired NBA players.

Of course, even if the NBA “gap between rich and poor” is very large, there are still a large number of players eager to enter the league every year, because even if the base salary, at least the money to earn, and there is an opportunity to increase the value of life, although difficult but in case to achieve, which caused the NBA players mobility is very large, NBA teams are short of stars rather than players. Jones, for example, was also a first-round pick (18th in the first round in 2012), In the Rockets also had a single-season average of 12 points and 6.9 rebounds performance, and then in the NBA development is not good, came to the CBA, also played the development league, when the Rockets again issued an invitation, although only 10 days off, Jones was happy to accept, because playing in the NBA means hope.

Let's take a look at the retired NBA players.

No more NBA, I’ll play volleyball. This is the choice of former Rockets player Badinger. Badinger grew up in a sports family, where his father, brother and sister were all athletes. Badinger has been a double-star in volleyball and basketball since high school, leading la Costa Canyon High School’s volleyball team to three state championships and being named the National High School Volleyball Player of the Year. During the 2006 McDonald’s All-Star basketball game, Badinger shared the MVP with Durant, which led to Badinger’s decision to focus on basketball in college. At the time, NCAA schools, including UCLA, offered barding a double scholarship to Basketball and Volleyball, and Badinger chose the University of Arizona, which offers only basketball scholarships. After three years at the University of Arizona, Badinger entered the NBA, where he was not doing well, leaving after seven years in the league due to injury and other reasons. Badinger, who was laid off from the NBA, embarked on a beach volleyball journey to partner Saitor Rosenthal with the United States to make the 2020 Olympics. From basketball to volleyball, the process was not smooth, Badinger after the transition to the early failure, such as in the AVP Manhattan Beach Volleyball Open in the second round was eliminated, but as the number of games increased, Badinger gradually into the good, won the U.S. Beach Volleyball Professional League championship.

Let's take a look at the retired NBA players.

No, I’m going to be the “Kid King.” Charlie Ward, whose name must have had some vague memories for fans, played 10 years with the Knicks, played a year with the Rockets and was a teammate with Yao Ming. Ward is a season-best player with 6.3 points and four assists in his NBA career. Ward retired in 2005 and spent a year as a teaching assistant at Rockets. In addition to the Rockets, Ward has won favor from other professional teams, including the NFL (Ward was a former football and basketball star) but Ward declined the invitation and chose to coach at the sports base. Ward first went to Westbury Christian School to coach the football team, then accepted an invitation from Booker Washington High School to take the helm. As for giving up his high-paying job as a professional league coach and going to school, Ward admits: “I want to be able to help the kids, to pass on my experience to them, to make them take fewer detours.”

No, I’m going to run for president. Evan Eschmeier, who played in the NBA for four years in 1999 because of a serious knee injury, said he was not a force to retire. Eschmeier underwent four knee operations at the time, and doctors told him that if he continued to play, he could be disabled and that the best way to avoid the risk of difficulty walking in the future was to quit the game. After his retirement, Mr. Eschmeier returned to his alma mater, Northwestern University, where he completed his J.D. and MBA programs and earned a double degree. The hard-working Eschmeier ushered in a new chapter in his career, becoming a lawyer and serving as finance director at the company.A law and economics elite, Mr. Eschmeier joined Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 and helped him win the race. There is no shortcut to success, only down-to-earth. The bankrupt players, or the role of the players, their own savings are limited, coupled with a lack of financial management, it is easy to fall into the economic crisis.

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