What happened to Sun Yang and Scott in the game?

There was another controversial scene at the World Championships in Kwangju. After the men’s 200m freestyle final, Britain’s Duncan Scott, who won bronze, refused to shake hands and pose for a photo with the champion Sun Yang at the ceremony. During the awards ceremony, Sun Yang angrily waved his fist at him and roared loudly. After the award, the athletes exited the way, Sun Yang again turned to the British junior and said: “You! Loser! I win!

What happened to Sun Yang and Scott in the game?

” On the morning of July 24th, when Scott had finished the men’s 200m medley, where he gave up the 100m freestyle, a large crowd of reporters gathered in the mixed-race area to await his response to the events of the previous night. As for the warning from the International Swimming Federation, Scott said he now needed to focus on the next race and did not respond directly to the question. The 21-year-old has yet to say why, as many reporters have asked why he chose to do so. However, Scott responded to Sun Yang’s comments, “I’ve never played in so many tournaments on the international stage, I’ve only played in some European competitions, and maybe he’ll judge me that way in the final.”

” I want to change his view of me, and I believe I can do the same at the age of 27 or 28. “After the storm, Scott became modest, “so I’ve forgotten about yesterday.” “”I need to look forward now, I’ve got so much exposure here, and maybe it’s a good thing for me, it’s better than being in obscurity all the time. Anyway, I’m here to do things well or make things worse, and I think the future will be good for me. But in an interview with the BBC, Scott said he was on Horton’s side: “I think a lot of people support Horton.

What happened to Sun Yang and Scott in the game?

” Sun Yang and Scott’s conflict immediately followed the social network. In the end, sun didn’t show up through a press conference, and sources said Scott had encouraged the third-place Russian to refuse to take the podium. That evening, both Sun Yang and Scott received warning letters from the International Swimming Federation. The International Swimming Federation said in a statement that both athletes had acted inappropriately during the awardceremony, in violation of rule C12.1.3. Clause C12.1.3 specifically, it is the warning and punishment of the sport of swimming shame, or the sport has a bad impact on the athletes.

In response to a dispute between Sun Yang and British athlete Scott at the awards ceremony after the 200m freestyle final at the World Championships, the International Swimming Federation officials believe the two men acted inappropriately. The International Swimming Federation said in a statement: Today in Gwangju, South Korea, a meeting to analyze the 23rd in the men’s 200meter freestyle award ceremony occurred during the situation, and decided to British athlete Duncan Scott and Chinese athlete Sun Yang issued a warning letter. Both athletes were acting inappropriately during the awards ceremony, in violation of International Swimming Federation Regulation C 12.1.3.

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