What’s the situation in Hong Kong, China?

At least 235 departing and arriving flights were shown as cancelled on August 5, according to the Hong Kong International Airport website. The Hong Kong Airport Authority said that the airport from 12 noon on the 5th to implement the re-allocation of flights, flight sending will be reduced, calling on passengers to confirm the flight before leaving for the airport. Overseas network August 5th, Hong Kong “revised regulations” continued to spread, the opposition took the opportunity to cooperate with the mob, deliberately launched a large-scale “three strikes” (strike, strike, strike) action, in an attempt to cause chaos, causing traffic paralysis in Hong Kong. As at 9 am on August 5, at least 170 flights were cancelled at Hong Kong International Airport, the airport express line was suspended, many lines of the MTR were suspended, bus stops were overcrowded and Hong Kong people were crying out for days.

What's the situation in Hong Kong, China?

According to Hong Kong’s “East Network” reported that the Hong Kong Airport Authority issued a notice in the early hours of the 5th, said that there may be some circumstances that may affect the operation of the Hong Kong International Airport, urged passengers to contact the airline to confirm the flight. The AA website shows that at least 235 flights were cancelled on the 5th, the airport express line suspended services, urban pre-registration procedures suspended. The Hong Kong Airport Authority said that the airport from 12 noon on the 5th to implement the re-allocation of flights, flight sending will be reduced, calling on passengers to confirm the flight before leaving for the airport.

In addition, the opposition launched a “non-cooperative campaign” at several MTR stations, which resulted in the paralysis of several lines. Services have been suspended from Wan Chai to Chai Wan Station on the Hong Kong Island Line, Tsing Yi to Kowloon Station on tung Chung Line, Hung Hom to Kirstun Station on the West Rail Line, Tsim Sha Tsui on the Tsuen Wan Line to Tsuen Wan Station. During Monday morning rush hour, Hong Kong residents had to switch to bus stops for work, where crowds were lined with sidewalks and buses were heavily overloaded.

What's the situation in Hong Kong, China?

According to the “Wenhui Network” news, at 7:30 a.m., there were demonstrators at a number of MTR stations under the emergency brake puller deliberately blocked the door, resulting in the train service blocked, and with out of their hands to prevent the train from leaving, the train passengers feel very dissatisfied. During this time, the pregnant woman was frightened and called an ambulance to assist. Another demonstrators set up roadblocks at the Kowloon entrance of the Red Tunnel to prevent vehicles from passing through, and traffic was heavy at the scene. Regarding the demonstrations advocating a public strike on the 5th, blocking roads and blocking public transport, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mrs Lam Cheng-yue, said in a meeting with the media on the morning of the 5th that he again condemned the violence during the demonstrations and said that the Government had activated an inter-departmental emergency response mechanism to respond to a strike campaign launched by some members of the public on Monday ( 5th) .

“Hong Kong has been in a very dangerous position in the past two months with a series of extreme demonstrations, ” Mrs Lam said. Extreme demonstrators blocked the tunnel, destroyed traffic lights, besieged police stations, and violent elements surrounded different citizens. There are also some extremists who deface the national emblem, throw the national flag, undermine national sovereignty and challenge ‘one country, two systems’, which will destroy the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong. In addition, the Hong Kong Sar Government issued a solemn statement on the evening of the 4th, expressing the hope that the demonstrators, while expressing their demands, should abide by the law and respect the rights of other citizens. The SAR Government calls on the general public to keep their jobs and cherish Hong Kong’s hard-won status as an international financial centre, a stable economic base and a pluralistic and inclusive social environment.

The spokesman pointed out that any large-scale strikes and violent clashes would affect the normal life and economic activities of the people of Hong Kong and further undermine the Hong Kong economy, which is facing downside risks, and undermine the confidence of the international community and overseas investors in Hong Kong’s society and economy, causing great damage to the overall security, economy, livelihood and employment of Hong Kong. and bring losses and harm to all sectors of society. The HKSAR Government stressed that “blatant violations of the law, wanton destruction of social peace and violent attacks on the police have caused harm to the people’s livelihood and have gone far beyond the limits of peaceful and rational demonstrations, and the SAR Government and the community must not condone it.”

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