Why Trump frequently interferes with World Trade Organization work

Play the protectionist card to seek re-election. The Trump administration has repeatedly criticized the World Trade Organization as “unfair to the United States” by imposing unilateral sanctions on other trading partners under U.S. domestic law.

The United States has adopted the irresponsible attitude of the WTO, the world’s most important multilateral mechanism, which is appropriate and appropriate, and not fit. U.S. President Donald Trump, the United States has recently pressed the World Trade Organization for reform of the division of “developing and developed countries.”

Previously, the United States has repeatedly blocked the WTO judicial appointments, resulting in the appeals body due to understaffing face the trend of shutdown, leading to the General Discontent of WTO members. U.S. President Donald Trump said in a statement that the U.S. would no longer recognize the special status of any developing country if the World Trade Organization did not make substantive changes to the “obsolete” dichea of developed and developing countries within 90 days. The United States believes that the World Trade Organization’s criteria provide unfair preferential treatment to some countries. The U.S. statement caused a backlash. The New York Times commented that the Trump administration’s actions against developing countries could provoke a global war.

Why Trump frequently interferes with World Trade Organization workv

Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry said on the 27th that although Singapore has the status of a “developing country” in the World Trade Organization, it has not taken advantage of the flexibility provided by the Special and Differential Treatment of the World Trade Organization in the negotiation agreement to gain an unfair advantage. In addition, the United States had tried to obstruct judicial appointments within the World Trade Organization, paralysing the WTO appeals mechanism. Since the establishment of the WTO in 1995, the WTO Court of Appeal has had final jurisdiction over proceedings brought by the disputed countries against the WTO, reflecting the authority of the WTO.

But for the past two years, Mr. Trump has blocked the appointment of new judges to fill vacancies left by the retirement of the judges. The 114 WTO members issued a joint statement at the end of June demanding that the United States immediately cease obstruction of judicial appointments to the World Trade Organization. Some countries have begun to respond.

The European Union and Canada have agreed to create a new trade dispute settlement mechanism as a temporary replacement for the collapsed World Trade Organization’s court of appeal, the Financial Times reported on July 26. “Despite the development of developing countries named by the United States, the characteristics of developing countries are still evident, ” Wang Yong, a professor at Peking University’s School of International Relations and director of the Center for American Studies, told the newspaper. Moreover, after the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations in 1986, the differential treatment of developing countries had become relatively small.

” Recently, the Trump administration has made frequent unreasonable demands to the World Trade Organization, driven by domestic politics.
With the 2020 U.S. presidential election looming, the Trump administration is playing a protectionist card seeking re-election, blaming U.S. trade issues, such as ‘unjust’ World Trade Organization rules. In addition, the analysis points out that the U.S. move is also putting more pressure on ongoing and upcoming trade negotiations in an attempt to subdue a range of trade rivals.

The trade dispute settlement mechanism to be established by the European Union and Canada is a protest against Mr. Trump’s obstruction of the judge’s appointment, reflecting the EU and Canada’s support for multilateral trade rules and WTO authority. The recent meeting of G7 finance ministers in France expressed concern about the current situation. Cecilia Malmstrom, the European Commissioner for Trade, said: “The World Trade Organisation is in a major crisis. We have to admit it.

” “The United States is asking for something that the World Trade Organization cannot give. Derek Sissers, an expert at the American Enterprise Institute, said.
The Trump administration has repeatedly backed down to press for World Trade Organization reform. The Trump administration has repeatedly criticized the World Trade Organization for being unfair to the United States, circumventing WTO rules and imposing unilateral sanctions on other trading partners under domestic law, despite World Trade Organization principles. The WTO, the world’s most important multilateral mechanism, the United States has adopted an irresponsible attitude of “conformity and abandonment”, and the WTO faces enormous challenges.

The most pressing issue at the world trade organization at present was the need to improve multilateral trade rules to apply to global economic changes and new business practices, as well as to improve the WTO dispute settlement mechanism to play its due role.

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